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“The National Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Health is dedicated to advocating, promoting and expanding programs and policies which will support the business development goals of Latino businesses in the hospital, pharmaceutical, managed care, insurance, and medical industries.”

The National Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Health will achieve its mission by:

  • Establishing a strategic partnership with the Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives to facilitate collaboration on policy and programmatic initiatives impacting Latino business owners.
  • Providing members with expert consultation on health, medical, nursing and other related health resources to effectively respond to government and private sector procurement of products, goods and services in the health industry.
  • Strengthen Latino-owned enterprises with the necessary skills and networking opportunities to achieve success and growth of their businesses.
  • Creating partnerships with community-based organizations to facilitate the new role in today’s marketplace for business owners, and concurrently assist community-based organizations in fulfillment of their mission.
  • Partner with corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations in order to strengthen their supplier diversity chain.
  • Improving overall quality of life by encouraging business owners to implement disease prevention and health promotion programs, and encourage health maintenance insurance options for their own family members, as well as for their employees and their dependents, by providing effective and culturally sensitive materials and educational forums on small group health insurance options (medical, prescription and dental), which include family coverage and prevention services tailored to the specific needs of employers, employees and their dependents.


The vision of the National Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Health is to provide Latino business owners equal access and support to compete successfully in a national and global healthcare marketplace.



Membership categories may include corporations, healthcare facilities, community-sponsored organizations, and individuals who may or may not be in the healthcare field.


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